How to Make Your Novel a Page Turner

“Closer crept the villain, drawing a knife from his coat.”

“Looking at successful authors and their polished products, you might conclude they must have some literary alchemy at their fingertips, or they really are slightly superhuman, or they’ve made a deal with the devil. (If only it were so easy!)”

“But no: Writing a page turner is an art and a craft. And you can learn to do it.”

According to, every accomplished writer has to start somewhere, and although it takes a lot of work, there is a simple formula to grab the attention of an audience.

This is done starting with “Plotting From The Gut”, according to, and requires a coherent plot.

That leads us to the critical points that make our plot strong, or “The HCM Method”, the Heart-Clutching Moments. These are the key moments in a story that really develop the story, and especially the characters in it. Writers digest tells us to use the strong moments to strengthen an already good plot, but entirely support it.

According to, a few heart-clenching moments could be any of the following: A huge moral lapse, love at first sight, a change of heart (for good or evil), or someone standing up to corruption. Those are just a few moments that can make or break a story.

“In full voice now, the audience warned her: “Behind you. Turn around!” (See the first line.)

*All quotations taken from


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